Event / Exhibition

Event / Exhibition Relocation Services

It takes a lot of effort and time to set up an event or an exhibition. You will need the most affordable and skilled movers to assist you in relocating your logistic to event/exhibition location without any problems given the numerous vendors and departments involved.

Fortuna HU Mover is one of the best options for all events and exhibition moves. Our exposure to this industry has given us priceless experience at every step of the process, from collection to setup to tear down and event hall cleanup. An event's ability to move smoothly also depends on having the appropriate fleet of completely covered vehicles. You may be confident that your experience will be hassle-free with the appropriate staff and fleet.

Relocation Platform

Relocation Platform in Singapore provides quality Moving Relocation Services for all Household and Commercial Goods. If your move requires professional packing moving and Logistics Company, you should choose a licensed moving company with experience to handle your belongings. Relocation Platform professionals not only help you in packing your belongings securely, but they provide transporting service under their supervision. With us around, you do not have to worry about any damage that may cause during packing and moving. Our professional packers and movers will pack your valuable items carefully and will properly move them to the moving trucks or storage containers. The experienced packers and movers will even bring the packing materials needed for the move at the moving site. Once we know the moving details and description, the packers and movers will bring the requested materials on the moving day. We have a team of experts, professionals, and highly trained workers to deliver the best possible services to our esteemed clients.

Our Moving Services for Events and Exhibitions

  • Planning and consulting
  • More effort to assemble or disassemble the event booth
  • Boxes and packaging supplies for pre-packing
  • Services for assembly and disassembly
  • Services for wrapping and protecting priceless and delicate things
  • Services for packing and unpacking
  • Transport and employment
  • Services for disposal
  • Storage space rental

How Do We Operate Our Service?

  • Before the Move

The first step is to get in touch with Fortuna HU Mover, a company that specialises in relocating for events and exhibitions. After the conversation, we advise scheduling a site inspection to evaluate and completely comprehend all the moving-related specifics.

  • Received Your Quotes

After the site inspection, a representative from Fortuna HU Mover will send and go over the details of our quote. We will provide you a thorough quotation including the cost and any unforeseen expenses. It is a thorough quotation with no hidden fees.

  • Booking of Services

When you confirm your quote through email or our website, our company will get in touch with you right away to find out when it would be most convenient for you to relocate.

  • During Move

Together, our skilled events and exhibition movers will pack, unload, and set up your products at the location. Throughout the move, the crew executes each step with attention and accuracy. For the relocation requirements, we will send out an events and exhibition moving team with cutting-edge machinery.

  • After the Move

Employing skilled, authorized event and exhibition staff to complete the task for you will pay you. We makes sure that your belongings are transported and set up in the intended area.

Experience Matters When Results Comes

When choosing a local event moving business, we are aware that you have a lot of choices. But if you start looking for a movers that provides excellent service at a reasonable cost, your options will only include Fortuna HU Mover. We like making our clients happy and giving them the service they want. Our crew has the knowledge, tools, and training necessary to complete any task with quality and zeal. Our worry-free logistical solutions enable you to fully enjoy your events or exhibitions.

How to choose right moving company and how we move events?

To ensure that your event or exhibition moves smoothly and efficiently, it is important to choose the right moving company. Factors you should consider include size of the move, type of equipment used, and experience of the movers.

When it comes to size of the move, keep in mind that a small move can be handled by one mover while a more complex move might require multiple movers with different types of equipment. When choosing a moving company, interview each one and ask about their experience with similar types of moves. Additionally, inquire about their fleet-wide insurance coverage in case something goes wrong during your relocation.

Type of equipment used will depend on the items being moved. For example, if delicate furniture is being moved then hand trucks may be better suited than forklifts for this task because they are less likely to damage surfaces or belongings. And lastly, always confirm that all doors and windows are properly closed before departing so as not to incur any added costs due to damages caused during transit.