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Moving Service Singapore

House moving can be emotionally and physically stressful. Moving Service Singapore teams comprise of highly trained staff that utilize their experience in the moving industry to move you more efficiently and in a safe manner giving you peace of mind for your moving requirements. Before your move you will talk with Moving Service Singapore coordinators who will then provide you with an accurate estimate of what your move will cost. Each move is customized by our Moving Service Singapore coordinators to suit your needs. Be it the carrying of items by stairs or via shuttling, we can manage them all. Our Moving Service Singapore are certified packers and movers that truly know how to handle your items with care and execute beyond industry standards.


Furniture Movers

We at Fortuna HU Mover, are focused on making your migration smooth, modest and stress-free so that you can be assured that your moving items are in safe hands.

Furniture takes a significant investment these days it is worth a lot of money so, don’t hire an immature and unprofessional company when you are dealing with your furniture.

At Fortuna HU Mover Company, we take pride in providing professional and result-oriented services at cheap prices.

We have hard-working truck drivers and local labor for Loading/Unloading and smooth transportation of your items.

We work for all of our clients including business owners, homeowners, and tenants.


Disposal Service in Singapore

Whether people are a real estate agent who have multiple clients who require furnishings to be discarded, or they owner of an old residence with termite infested furnishings, or they are attempting to make room for newly purchased furniture, Disposal Service Singapore are here for you. They remove the frustration brought about by the disorderliness of the unwanted furnishings in your premise. They provide superior furniture disposal services throughout Singapore. We work hard to ensure that customers are happy with their furniture removal services in Singapore.

Furniture Disposal Services in Singapore

Furniture Disposal services have always been a big question mark on everyone needing the services. Furniture Disposal Singapore will come a time when you need Disposal services especially if you bought new furniture and need to get rid of the old ones, moving to a smaller place or simply De-cluttering and suddenly finding many things that you want to throw away. Furniture Disposal Singapore services offer the highest quality of customer service. They have taken this measure deliberately to make sure that you enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. People no longer have to stay awake for long hours. Instead, giving them a call to tell them the best time to show up at your office, apartment, or house to collect the old or damaged furniture should set you at peace. When we will start working, we will make a checklist of your items and hand over to you just to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We will ensure to transfer all of your items in the exact condition at your new place. Maintaining our reputation means a lot to us and we thrive to provide the best possible services with great efficiency to get our client’s 100% satisfaction